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This case arose from a June 10, 2015, T-bone car accident case where our client (a practicing attorney) was proceeding through an intersection with a green arrow, when the defendant (a 20-something on his cell phone) ran his red light and struck Plaintiff on his driver's side. The defendant, through his State Farm attorney, blamed our client for the accident, claiming contributory negligence.

Due to the accident, Plaintiff claimed he suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, which caused him symptoms preventing him from working as an attorney, including memory loss, inability to comprehend new information or multitask, and flat emotion.

State Farm defended the case and made no offer, instead opting to hire three experts: a neurologists (who has testified for the defense law firm more than 30 times!), a neuropsychologist (who sees few patients and operates out of a tiny office in Washington, D.C.) and a sleep specialist who said this was all because of sleep apnea.

Defendant maintained a $25,000 policy through Geico, which was tendered. Plaintiff had an additional $1,250,000 UIM policy through State Farm. State Farm made no offer to resolve the case, even when the jury announced, after five hours of deliberation, that they could "wrap it up" in a few more houses (They did, returning a verdict at 10:00 at night!)

$450,950 Awarded By Jury