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Joe Mann

Joe Mann

Personal Injury Claims Consultant
  • BenGlassLaw
  • 3998 Fair Ridge Drive Ste 250 Fairfax, VA 22033
  • (703) 584-7277

It’s a struggle to understand the ‘whats’ and the ‘whys’ of how insurance companies make decisions. One of the best ways to get a good answer is to go to the source. Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t often in the sharing mood. So we found a way around that. We hired someone who has been there and done that. Joe has been working with the BenGlassLaw team for several years now, but before being a member of our team he worked for a large insurance company. Joe has frontline experience settling injury claims from the perspective of a claims adjuster. He spent several years handling claims in both Virginia and North Carolina, so he knows how insurance companies interpret contributory negligence laws internally. More importantly than that Joe knows the life of an insurance claim and of an insurance adjuster and what that will mean for you as you work your way through the ringer.

I’m grateful for my time spent working at an insurance company because now I know what they do right, what they do wrong, and what that means to the people caught in the cogs.

Imagine walking into a building that employs well over 2,000 people, and there’s the sad glow of off-white artificial light, a sea of cubicles that requires Magellan like skill to navigate, and an uncomfortably eerie quietness - it’s a bad scene. To find a parking space that is within 70 yards of the building is a treat. Imagine going through a seminar where a straight-faced instructor teaches you to, on a bad day, “just fix your face.” It stinks to serve several bosses at once, consider serving over 5. Now insert a person who actually needs your help, someone whose life got flipped upside down because an accident happened, one that they didn’t ask for and one that may change the trajectory of their life forever. Now insert 50-100+ people all in that same situation. You need to take care of all those people. It’s a recipe of sorts, and not one you might be interested in tasting. That is very much a reality for all the people involved. Add on the pressure of preserving the financial security and profitability of a company, and you’re in a bad spot.

That’s the formula for a business model where it’s an expectation to be dragged into court over the handling of claims. Many people have the experience of being wrongly billed by their phone company, an incorrectly installed dishwasher, or some other annoying mishap by a company you thought had everything under control. When those things aren’t appropriately resolved, it’s a serious nuisance. Unfortunately, those small errors when magnified by the severity of car accident become monumental problems.

I’ve learned from first-hand experience that you don’t always need an attorney to settle your claim. All you need is the right information from the right source and a little elbow grease. I’ve also learned that when you need an attorney you don’t just need any attorney. They aren’t all the same and they don’t all produce the same results.

Joe consults with the BenGlassLaw team to offer advice and guidance on claims through an insurance adjusters eye. Joe graduated from George Mason University with an undergraduate in Business Management. Joe also helps to coordinate our connection with the Fairfax County Public Schools Instructional Services Department for Career and Transition Services where we offer a supportive work environment to students with disabilities.