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Charley Mann

Charley Mann

Marketing Director
  • BenGlassLaw
  • 3998 Fair Ridge Drive Ste 250 Fairfax, VA 22033
  • 703-584-7277

Charley’s role at BenGlassLaw is simple: make sure the information we publish actually reaches and helps the people in need of it. This responsibility comes from the purpose statement of BenGlassLaw: “We help people make great decisions about their legal issues.”

In order to live out this purpose, we make sure you have access to world-class information before you hire an attorney or make any major decisions about your legal issue. Charley leads the team bringing you this information, from coordinating the development of the website to creating advertisements for the books and brochures published by Ben Glass and James Abrenio.

Charley considers Virginia his happily adopted home after living in Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, and Texas before arriving here at the turn of the millennium. He married his college sweetheart, who he met while at George Mason University, and is now the lucky father of two fantastic girls.

Charley’s background includes serving as a board member for Acting for Young People, a fantastic organization providing after-school and summer programs for youth who want to gain confidence through the performing arts. In the community, he is an advocate and consultant for small businesses.

In his free time, you might find Charley writing (lots of writing), target shooting, or going on an adventure with his wife and daughters.