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We are honored by the comments and testimonials that we receive from the people we have helped since 1983. Here are a few of them. Obviously you should not choose the right attorney for your case based on testimonials alone, but most of our clients tell us that it was a combination of information, testimonials and case results that lead them to hire BenGlassLaw to represent them.

"Relieved that Mr. Glass is the attorney representing me..."

"Mr. Glass has been very helpful in my appeal for long term disability. I was able to get an appointment shortly after I called his office. Mr. Glass scheduled plenty of time to hear all about my case (including a very lengthy medical history). He wrote a very thorough and compelling appeal letter. Whenever I have needed to come in to talk with Mr. Glass he has always made time to see me within a short time of my request. Mr. Glass stayed late on a Friday evening to make sure that the last minute documentation that I brought in was sent to & received by the insurance company within the time restrictions. Mr. Glass always keeps me abreast of the status of my case. Not only is he very professional and has a GREAT expertise in his field, Mr. Glass is also a compassionate and generous person. He obviously cares a great deal about his clients. His office staff is always friendly, courteous, and very responsive. I have even gotten emails regarding my case over the weekend. I am so relieved that Mr. Glass is the attorney representing me in my long term disability case." - Shari: Long-Term Disability

"Very impressed..."

"I was very impressed with this firm. They are very professional and knowledgeable and are really on the ball." - Richard

"Gave me the peace of mind I was hoping to find..."

"My teenage daughters were involved in a serious two car accident and the first thing I was concerned about was their safety. Luckily they were barely hurt. The second thing I was worried about was the safety of the other driver - she sustained injuries. The third thing I was worried about was the legal issues, concerns, and liability of my daughters and me. Ben talked to me right away and gave me the peace of mind I was hoping to find. One of the questions he asked me early in the call was, 'Did you follow my advice I gave you in my book How to Buy Car Insurance?' When I answered 'yes,' he told me that I really was going to be fine. He also told me what I should next and he stayed with me throughout the experience. I highly recommend Ben Glass to anyone who is involved in a accident or needs legal advice." - Rem: Car Accident

"Wish I'd sought his insight long, long ago..."

"Ben not only knows this field, he's not just in it for himself! Wish I'd sought his insight long, long ago. Be smarter than me and go to him, right away." - Mike

"Ben Glass was always there for me..."

"I have been a client of Ben Glass Law for over 8 years. I had been a client of a colleague for 4 years prior as my claim for LTD from my company and Social Security was established. As I proceeded into maintenance in 2005 Ben's colleague suggested I secure The Ben Glass Law firm if accepted. In our first meeting I realized that this man embodied the values to which I aspire as a person: he was straight forward in what I should expect of him and what were my responsibilities for truth and communication in every stage of the process going forward with my LTD company. He managed the communication with the company for I had talked to so many negative members of the company that the maintenance phase had become the center of my existence.

Ben helped me realize that the company was doing only what they saw as their duty, and at one point he talked to them to my benefit.
My LTD company was very active in it's oversight. I had to have dozens of questions answered, get lab studies, have my physicians fill out information even though they did not treat me for the diagnosis at hand; Degenerative Disk Disease with the accompanying chronic pain of a very high range on the pain scale.

This subtly cost me relationships with those practitioners. Ben Glass was always 'there' for me. Since the LTD company required this process every year or 2 and the time it took me about 6 months to get all the information , I was physically and emotionally spent much of the time. Ben understood the strain and took the time to listen to questions and decrease my fears.

Ben Glass Law has several more attorneys now and I assure you that the values of responsibility, truth, sterling character, fairness and compassion are the same as his. Money is not his major currency. Rather, he is fair and honest, and his living is made through his code of helping others." - Name withheld for privacy reasons

By the way, even though testimonials are the expression of opinions and as such are fully protected (in our view) by the First Amendment, its not really helpful to have real testimonials from real people that express opinions using words like "best Virginia lawyer", "Best Fairfax Lawyer", "Outstanding legal work", etc. That doesn't really help anyone at all.

 So, when you write your opinion about our services, staff, books or videos, please do NOT use any of the following phrases:

  • Ben Glass is a great lawyer for injury cases
  • Ben Glass is the best lawyer in Virginia
  • Ben Glass provided excellent counsel for my case
  • Ben Glass did excellent work for my disability case

So, use these comments that others have made as one small piece of information that you have available to find the best lawyer for your case here in Virginia.

Some folks, though, would rather choose their lawyer by random chance or by going to one of those sites where you post your case to "specially selected" lawyers.