A Family Guide to Virginia Criminal Juvenile Justice

Parents have the hardest job in the world. You work to shape your children to the people they need to be. But even good parents don't know what to do when their child is being charged as a juvenile.

What used to result in afterschool detention now results in multiple juvenile charges. This is even more difficult with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites being used against your teenager.

In this report, I can help you understand the charges against your teenager, plus tips on how to prepare for Juvenile Court.

In addition, this report will tell you:

  • Why juvenile charges are more common and more serious than ever before.
  • How a juvenile charge can affect your teenager's education.
  • If you are required to let law enforcement interrogate your child.
  • Which juvenile charges are permanent and which can be expunged.
  • What your teenagers Constitutional Rights are.
  • Where your teenager has "expectations of privacy" and where they don't.
  • When and if your teenager has a right to trial by jury.
  • What you need to do if your teenager has mental health issues.

This report is available to you free. If you need help with a juvenile charge against your teen, this is a good place to start. Nothing replaces an experienced attorney evaluating your case. This guide is not intended to be relied on in court. Rather, it should be used as a starting-off point in preparing the child in your family for Juvenile Court.

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