Staunton, VA Doc Punished For Assault & Battery

Posted on Sep 25, 2009

Staunton doctor, Charles Weisman, was found guilty of simple assault and battery yesterday but the judge agreed to take the charges under consideration for a 12-month probationary period. Weisman was arrested in February after two female former employees of his brought allegations that he had touched them inappropriately.

In one instance Weisman was accused of grabbing one of the womens behinds and in the other instance Weisman was accused of pulling a woman's pants down and playing with her underwear. Because the charges have been taken under consideration they may be dropped after 12-months if Weisman stays out of trouble.

As for his professional future, Weisman has a long way to go to recover. His practice, Blue Ridge Family Medicine, was shut down after his arrest and the Virginia Board of Medicine has taken away his license accusing Weisman of even further misconduct. The VBM accuses Weisman of alcohol and drug abuse at his practice after it was alleged that he had wine, tequila, and parts of marijuana plants at his office. He is also accused of asking an office manager to take a urine test for him.

Furthermore, the VBM contests that Weisman provided false information on his application for a medical license, failing to mention that he was asked to withdraw from three residency programs. Other accusations are that Weisman lacks the mental capacity to practice medicine as evidenced by a 1993 neuropsychological assessment and that he "roughed-up" a 5-year-old patient.

Here is the website for the now-closed offices of Dr. Weisman, Blue Ridge Family Medicine.

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