What does objective medical evidence really mean?Objective medical evidence can be the kiss of death for your LTD claim. Many LTD claims are denied because they lack objective medical evidence, and it is difficult to dispute. I want to take a moment to help you understand why the definition of objective medical evidence is so important to your case.

The actual definition of objective medical evidence varies by policy, and it can be very dangerous for your claim if it is not defined clearly. Objective medical evidence generally refers to test results, MRIs, or other types of documentation. However, there are many illnesses that are impossible to ‘test.’ Fibromyalgia is one such condition that cannot be validated through conventional testing.

If your policy does not explain what is considered objective medical evidence, then your insurance company could deny your claim. Through no fault of your own, you were unable to provide evidence of your illness because you were unaware what the insurance company needs to process and accept your claim.

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