Have you ever tried to get an insurance quote online? If you have, there’s a good chance that you might be looking at some numbers that are a bit on the low end. These aren’t accurate, and I’ll show you exactly why you might want to save the online quotes as a quote at best!

The first time I would recommend you going the online route is if you have the experience and knowledge already on hand. If you know the different types of coverage in and out, then this should be a walk in the park!

If you’ve never been in the industry, or haven’t done research yourself, I’ll be honest with you when I say it’s tough. Insurance agents struggle enough to stay on top of the new and changing coverage options as it is, so could you imagine trying to do this on your own? What I would recommend to you if you’re looking for a new policy or just to change your policy is to follow a few pieces of advice.

Every company is similar. Do you research and look up each and every potential agent starting with resources such as the Bureau of Insurance. This will have all of the negative reports on the insurance agent or company, which tend to follow a pattern of bad behavior if any is reported.

So what should you do with all of this? There are two things to start with…

Compare all of the coverage recommendations and prices between the online quotes and agents you speak with. Not only should you use your own judge of character, but you need to make sure that you’re getting some form of consistency across the board. Price is always an important factor, but cheap is not usually better when it comes to insurance. Base your decisions solely on the coverage, rarely on price.

Last but not least, don’t always trust the online insurance quotes as what they would really be. Rarely do they include a motor vehicle report or your clue report. These are two important pieces to receive an accurate quote, which means the online free quoting is usually low balling what you’re really looking at.

These are the main pieces to building a solid and supported insurance policy with all of the necessary coverage components. Before you make any decision on buying insurance, take some time to meet with the top independent agents in your area. This will get you started and on a path to full protection with your coverage.

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