Why should an attorney charge a legal fee to a child when that child’s car accident case is settled without having to file a lawsuit? That’s a question Fairfax attorney Ben Glass asked himself as he sat in court one day watching an attorney attempt to justify to a judge a large fee request in a child’s car accident case that had settled without filing a lawsuit. “The case itself was relatively simple and the insurance company had offered its policy limits. The judge felt that the fee was excessive for the risk and amount of work done and that got me thinking” said Glass, who is himself the father of nine children. “What could we do for kids who are injured in car accident cases? Just as importantly, could I get other lawyers to join in?”

Glass created the No Fee For Kids™ program, the first of its kind in the country and he is challenging other lawyers join him. Under the law, most car accident cases involving children must have the settlement approved by a judge. The program is designed to give children an opportunity to be represented by an experienced personal injury attorney. “For car accident cases that settle without having to file a lawsuit, there is no attorney fee charged for any child who is 12 or under at the time of the accident,” he says.

“Lawyers either love this program or hate it,” says Glass. I’ve already had a few phone calls from some who think they are entitled to a fee just for showing up. Others have told me that this is a great idea and, indeed, they have joined the program.”  A video and more details about the program are available at NoFeeForKids.com. Others lawyers who have already pledged to create a similar program for kids in their area are listed at NoFeeForKids.org. Benjamin W. Glass III, is a personal-injury lawyer based in Fairfax, Virginia. To schedule an interview with Attorney Benjamin Glass, call 703-591-9829.

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