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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized attorney, entrepreneur, speaker, and business coach. He is the founder of Great Legal Marketing where lawyers from all over the world get coaching and training to make big changes in their lives and build real businesses with impact. His passion is coaching and mentoring people from all walks of life, particularly business owners, young people, and those who are just starting their careers.

The Lunch With Ben program was created so Ben can stay connected with the community, do what he loves, and make a difference for:

  • Young lawyers (including judicial law clerks) just starting out on their journey
  • Small business owners​​ who want to grow their businesses
  • ​Pastors and church leaders who want to put more people in pews
  • Professionals who are looking for "the next step in their lives"
  • College high school students and other young professionals interested in talking about career and life choices
  • Young soccer referees and those who coach young soccer referees
  • And anyone else who desires success and values knowledge, understanding, and experience.
  • Potential vendor sponsors who may bring value to BenGlassLaw or to Great Legal Marketing

Here's how the Lunch with Ben program works:

  • Each month, Ben reserves a limited number of days to meet over lunch, in his office

  • There is no fee other than "lunch" per the parameters below

  • The meeting starts at noon, Ben's time, and ends no later than 1:15 p.m.

  • You schedule "lunch with Ben" through this link.

  • The lunch can be in person in his Fairfax, Virginia, office or virtual, via Zoom

  • If you are a student meeting in person with Ben, he buys the lunch.

  • If you are not a student, you bring the lunch, Ben brings the drinks, chips, etc. If the lunch is virtual, you arrange delivery of lunch to Ben via any of the delivery apps. Just order a salad from Potbelly off of this page. Here's the address of the restaurant: Fairfax Corners, 4201 Fairfax Corner East Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22030

  • Once the meeting is confirmed, Ben's team will be in touch to coordinate the lunch
    Be serious. Bring a notebook. Do NOT schedule a lunch and then fail to show up.

  • NOTE that his lunch is not to talk about a legal case, this is for "life outside of legal."

*Note: If you are an established lawyer, visit for the best resources and coaching. The Lunch with Ben program is for young lawyers only. You may also use the Lunch with Ben program if you are a lawyer less than five years out of law school, or you are a military lawyer looking to make a change to civilian life. Finally, if you are a vendor who may bring value to any of Ben's businesses, you can schedule a lunch with Ben.

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Ben Glass is the author of several leadership books in both business and sport, including:

Ben is a sought-after guest and has been interviewed on many national podcasts, including: 

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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized car accident and ERISA disability attorney in Fairfax, VA.