If you or a love one has suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) due to a Virginia car accident, Partner James Abrenio created a Podcast Miniseries to provide you useful information about what to expect in your Virginia car accident case. In seven episodes, you can learn about a ton about what to expect in your Virginia traumatic brain injury case. 

For simplicity, below are the Full Episodes. For those of you that prefer to listen to Podcasts on your phone, here's a link to download it

If you've got more questions, or you need help, reach out to James at 703-591-9829. Let BenGlassLaw know that you listened to the Podcast!  We want to continue to produce more, but want to make sure they are super helpful! 

Episode 1: Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury Cases in Virginia, an Introduction 

Episode 2: What Makes Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Different than the Typical Car Accident Case? 

Episode 3: Typical Treatment We see in Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury Cases (that Gets the Best Outcomes)

Episode 4: What Happens in Virginia Litigation (and Court) with Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Episode 5: What You can Expect from the Car Insurance Company in your Virginia TBI Case

Episode 6: What Financial Recovery can you Expect in Your Virginia TBI Case (What is your Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury Case Worth?)

Episode 7: How Does Car Insurance (and Health Insurance) Work in Your Virginia TBI Case?