There’s one piece of your car insurance policy that you absolutely need to have. Is it low rates on your premium? No, not even close! When starting a new policy or reviewing your current one, make sure that you have your liability limits where they NEED to be, not where the law requires them. If there was to be a car accident and you needed the best board certified personal injury attorney in town, you may still not even be in a good position if your liability limits don’t cut it!

The minimum is not enough. How is that possible with your car insurance policy? Well, when it comes to legal minimums for liability limits with your car insurance policy in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it’s only 25/50/20. This is not nearly enough. Even if you were in a car accident early on in your policy period where these minimums covered it fully, your policy will be completely exhausted. This would leave you financially liable if you were to face another accident in that period!

Your agent might not care. Your insurance agent could be taking home a nice lump sum of money if you’re spending a pretty penny on your car insurance policy. So, if they are actually doing their job, they wouldn’t let you buy small limits in the first place. Instead, they would be following up with you at a mid-policy review and pushing for you to boost your limits higher. The problem is they don’t collect much from the small boost in the premium, so their push for higher limits should be out of integrity, not income!

It costs very little for good coverage. As crazy as it may sound, the leaps in liability limits cost very little to you. To boost your Geico policy from $25,000 in coverage to $250,000 is as little as $33 per month. Additionally, to take this same jump in your Progressive policy costs about $35 a month!

Get in touch with your agent, and make sure that the right coverage is in place. In the mean time, I wrote a book for you that will help you know the basics when buying car insurance. For more useful legal information click on this link to access a FREE PDF of The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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