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You may not need a Fairfax accident lawyer! I love telling people that, and if you’re reading this article I hope that means you’ve settled your accident case without needing to hire an attorney. If that’s the case, then congratulations – that whole settlement check is all yours with no attorney’s’ fees to be deducted! 

Before you start allocating that settlement to paying various expenses and restoring your depleted savings, there are a few things you should know about finalizing a settlement offer. When you settle your case on your own you’ll be making the final decisions regarding the terms of the settlement, which is where mistakes may still be made. 

Don’t Settle Without a Fight 

Accident case settlement can take a lot of back-and-forth between you and the insurance adjuster before you come to an agreement. A major mistake that many accident victims make is settling their case without a fight. 

You may get a settlement offer within hours of filing your claim, even before you know the full extent of your damages. This is a tactic that insurance companies use to settle for amounts far lower than the full value of the damages you have incurred. 

It’ll look pretty tempting to get a settlement check with very little paperwork and effort on your part, but you could be selling yourself short. For a basic accident case, the little extra effort required to settle without hiring a Fairfax accident lawyer could improve your chances of obtaining a full settlement. 

If you do your research and determine the potential value of your case, you’ll know what you should be fighting for as the settlement offers roll in. To supplement your research, you can obtain a free eBook on my site, which is a toolkit tailored precisely for accident victims like you who are settling their own cases. Next I’ll explain what to do when that ideal settlement offer appears in your mailbox and it’s time to sign the final paperwork. 

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