BenGlassLaw is giving away three months of membership to Northern Virginia's top fitness center and CrossFit gymHalo Fitness Experience, located in Burke, Virginia.

At BenGlassLaw we believe in the role that fitness plays in “Living Life Big.” Both Brian and Ben are members of Halo Fitness Experience in Burke Virginia and regularly do CrossFit workouts there. A dozen of our family members also regularly work out there, either doing CrossFit or Halo’s Peak Fitness Program.

Many of our friends are also members. This is an amazing community doing really terrific work to improve the lives of people of all ages and athletic abilities.

Halo Fitness Experience is safe. Its owners follow all CDC and local health guidelines for operating the gym. The space itself is huge. It has high ceilings, terrific airflow, size limited classes, wipe downs after every workout, and a group of really smart people who don't want to get anyone sick (Friends don’t get their friends sick. This is safer, in our view, than going to eat at a restaurant with strangers).

Being physically active is one of the most effective barriers to all diseases and infirmities. Oh, and did we mention that the coaches are great here?

We are so excited about Halo Fitness Experience, where we have been members since it opened two years ago, that we are giving away TEN three-month free trial memberships. This trial membership is worth $447* but we are giving it to TEN lucky winners for free (True confession: we get really excited about small businesses that have a great culture, strong leadership, and a terrific product or services).

The Rules Are Simple

  1. Obviously, you must live close enough to Halo to actually use the prize (and we expect that you will use it). Halo Fitness Experience is in Burke Virginia, tucked away at 10400 Premier Court, near the Burke VRE train station.
  2. Current Halo Fitness Experience members are not eligible. Our goal at BenGlassLaw is to introduce new members to this amazing fitness community.
  3. You must go to the BenGlassLaw Facebook page and "like" us.  Add a comment that mentions @HaloFitnessExperience or @CrossFit703.
  4. Send an email to Ben Glass at [email protected] and tell him about your New Year's resolution to get fitter and why you want to try Halo Fitness Experience on a free trial basis for three months.
  5. You must agree that BenGlassLaw can use your name and photo in our newsletter and on our website.
  6. You must agree to report back to us on your experience with Halo fitness experience (pictures would be awesome!)

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Note: Halo Fitness Experience is open now but the certificate can be redeemed for any quarter in 2021. You can wait to use it, but you must promise us that you will give it a try for a full quarter sometime in 2021.

While BenGlassLaw hopes that you'll find Halo Fitness Experience to be the fitness community you would like to join after the free quarter, there is no obligation to join.

There you go. Again, BenGlassLaw is doing something that no other law firm is doing!

*if you were signing up at Halo for one quarter only, it would be $447. 

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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized car accident and ERISA disability attorney in Fairfax, VA.