You may be in a bad position if you have not yet spoke with a Fredericksburg, Virginia personal injury attorney, especially if the insurance company is quickly pushing a settlement on you. Odds are, the insurance company may just be looking to nickel and dime you, cutting you down to the lowest amount to recover. You may only end up with enough for a few coffees at Starbucks after you pay your medical bills.

The first thing your insurance company will do is act like your friend (which they are not) and then have you “just sign a few forms and give a statement." This is a trap, and if you end up recovering anything after this, you’re most likely getting cut down from what you really deserve. Let’s not forget, insurance is a business – and one that is really good at cutting it’s expenses down as low as possible. Unfortunately what they see as their “expense” is what you should be due for your personal injury.

There are 11 things you need to ask before you make any type of commitment or sign any papers, so pay close attention:

  1. Will you put in writing that the accident was not my fault?
  2. Will you tell me how much insurance the person who hit me has?
  3. If I give you a recorded statement, will you give me a copy of the recorded statement that you already received from the person who caused the accident?
  4. If I sign the medical release, will you immediately forward to me a copy of everything you get using my release?
  5. Will you tell me how much money you have set aside in “reserve” to pay my claim?
  6. Will you give me copies of the recorded statements that you have taken from any witnesses?
  7. Will you tell me whether there is any “umbrella” insurance coverage available to cover my claim?
  8. Will you tell me whether you have already done video surveillance of me or are planning to do so?
  9. Will you give me a copy of any “index” information that you have already gotten from your computer system?
  10. Will you give me a copy of any financial information that you may have already obtained from me?
  11. Will you tell me which of my neighbors you have already interviewed?

I wish you luck – but odds are, it’s a one way street when trying to get information from an insurance company. If you are sorting through all the personal injury attorneys out there, I have something that will absolutely help you. Check out our free consumer guide The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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