You’ve had to deal with them over the phone, through the mail, but now they honestly believe you are at their mercy after a car accident. But are you really? Well the insurance companies believe so, but I would prefer to share some truth with you so that you aren’t misinformed after a car wreck.

They’ll want to bend and lead you into whatever it takes to either not pay you, or not pay you within a reasonable amount of time. There’s two ways that they will try to sabotage your Fredericksburg Virginia personal injury claim.

Delaying your payment. This one is a bit of a no-brainer – sure they’ll pay you if they have to, but they use their discretion to determine the "reasonable length of time" that takes! This could be tough if you are stacking up big medical bills that you might not have the cash on hand to cover.

Yes, this means collection notices from doctors and potential suits coming your way, all because the insurance company is taking their sweet time to compensate you. Odds are you either aren’t working now or had to take some time off after your  accident, but that lost income means very little to the insurance company!

Asking For Unnecessary Information. If they haven’t already, be prepared for them to do this! These “friends” of yours will engage you in a number of ways, whether it be by requesting unnecessary information about you, or trying to get you to shoot yourself in the foot with your own words.

Be smart about what you say, and know what you actually have to give them. Don’t become your own worst enemy and wreck your own case for them – that’s their job to try and do, remember?

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