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How’d you like to receive an accident case settlement check and keep all of that money to yourself? 

There are a few basic guidelines to tell if you can settle your case on your own

  • Was there only minor property damage and no injury?
  • Are your injuries no more than minor bruises, sprains, and strains?
  • Did you only have one or two visits to a doctor or the E.R.?
  • If you need physical therapy or treatment, is it for less than four months?
  • Have you been given the “all clear” from a doctor and expect no further need for treatment?
  • Did you miss less than five days of work? 

Should you settle your small car accident case on your own?If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, your accident case probably won’t settle for more than a few thousand dollars, because your expenses just won’t be that high. 

Don’t be afraid that you won’t get enough money in your accident case settlement to pay all your bills. As long as you have the proof of your expenses and you follow through with what the insurance company requests for evidence, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting reimbursed for those bills. 

The bottom line for settling your accident case without the need for a lawyer is money. If your insurance coverage is enough to provide for your bills and you’re not looking at long-term health issues or disability, your settlement will most likely just cover your basic bills. 

Why hire a lawyer to settle your accident case when you don’t need one? 

If you’ve only suffered minor damages, your accident case probably won’t be worth more than a few thousand dollars. Why should you have to give part of your settlement to a lawyer who probably didn’t do any more work than you could have done on your own? 

If you think you’re ready to handle your accident case on your own I encourage you to visit my website and download a FREE digital copy of my book, Get It Settled! The Accident Victim’s Guide to Settling Your Case Without Hiring a Lawyer. Of course, I won’t leave my clients hanging in the wind – if you think you need a lawyer to help you settle your case, contact Ben Glass Law at our website, or give us a call at 703-584-7277 and we’ll set up a consultation.

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