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This 54 year old gentleman who was on the job was struck from behind by a young driver  and seriously injured. He ultimately was not able to continue at his profession and had to undergo several surgeries.

His total medical bills were $125,000. The young driver who hit him had minimal insurance.

Worker's compensation had paid most of the medical bills.

The case was settled for $460,000. We were able to recover because the car in which our client was driving had a large amount of underinsured motorist coverage available. We negotiated the lien that the worker's compensation insurance company had on the case and we were able to put over a $250,000 in the client's pocket.

Of course, that doesn't sure the pain he was still having, but it was better than the measly amount he would have recovered had sufficient underinsured motorist funds not been available for settlement.

$460,000 Settlement - Mostly from underinsured motorist coverage

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