More Sovereign Immunity Nonsense

So a judge has now cut the verdicts to the families of the Virginia tech shooting. He did so because Virginia law "caps" or limits recovery against the state. This is because Virginia still recognizes the concept of sovereign immunity or "the king can do no harm." (The $100,000 limit is thus an "agreement" by the king/state to accept responsibiltiy for tort claims, but only to a limit of $100,000.)

The concept of sovereign immunity is discussed more in this case and immunity of a different sort, charitable immunity, was addressed in our case against Didlake, Inc.

Tort victims, including the families of those killed or injured in the Virginia tech shootings, ought to be able to recover for the full amount of their injuries. The jury heard all of the evidence and decided the case awarding $4 million to each of the families who sued.

There is no "king" in America. The state should stand no higher than any citizen. (Certainly the state brings a full damages lawsuit against you if you run your car off the road and take out one of their signs or guardrails!

Time to abolish immunity of all types here.





Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney
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