I talk to potential clients all the time. You'd think that based on what you read in the newspapers that everyone who has the misfortune to be in a car accident is a greedy, malingering, fraud just thanking their lucky stars they got rear ended by a drunk driver!

Here's what I hear from people who end up hiring us to represent them:

1. At first they thought that they could handle the case themselves with the insurance adjuster.

2. The first inkling of a problem is when the adjuster told them that the "usual" recovery time for "their" injury was 4-6 weeks.

3. Then the adjuster starts to insinuate that they couldn't really be THAT hurt because "most people aren't even injured at all by THIS amount of property damage."

4. Then the adjuster outright challenges their intergrity and honesty.

5. Then the adjuster gets nasty and insulting.

Now, this isn't ALL adjustsers obviously--but it's amazing to me how many people call with the same story line.. they couldn't all be making this up.

Notice to car insurance adjusters: If some of you would just use common sense and human kindness you'd save a lot more money for your company!

But, keep doing it YOUR way... we like helping people get their lives back in order.

Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized car accident and ERISA disability attorney in Fairfax, VA.
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