You can fire your mechanic. You can fire your housecleaner. You can even fire the plumber. But is it that easy to fire your Fairfax car accident attorney? And there’s the bigger question – do you still have to pay attorney fees?

Reasons You Might Fire Your Attorney

We have heard many questions from people regarding firing their attorneys. One of the most pressing questions generally has to do with the fees and determining what is still owed.  While every circumstance is different (there’s no one-size-fits all answer to this issue), if you have “cause” to fire your lawyer, you might not have to pay him or her a fee.  For example, the following scenarios might give you a good reason to fire your attorney:
  1. Your Fairfax car accident attorney didn’t properly handle your case, meaning he really didn’t do much of anything.
  2. Your lawyer is not licensed in the right jurisdiction. If your case is not settled and you are facing a trial, you need to ensure your lawyer has the right license to help you.

There are other situations that could give you good reason to dismiss your attorney. You can learn more by ordering our FREE report, The Consumer’s Guide to Firing Your Virginia Lawyer. If you are even contemplating firing your attorney, you’ll want to read this informative report.  Call us today at 703.584.7277 or fill out our online contact form to get your copy.

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