Yet again, Chris Brown will see the inside of a court room.  It appears that he was in town for a Howard University Homecoming get together when an unknown party has a couple words with him.  While the details are still shaky, at some point it is alleged that both Chris and his body guard assaulted the unknown party.

So what does this mean for Chris.  First, given that this is a felony charge, it means (at least if he were in Virginia) that the prosecutors have a lot more leverage to obtain a conviction and possibly put him in jail.  While I do not practice in DC, felony assaults in Virginia usually mean there are allegations of serious physical contact and at least some form of measurable injury.

Second, because he’s on probation for his well publicized assault upon Rhinna, it means he’s going back before that sentencing judge to answer – at least at some point. While I’m unaware of his sentence for that previous assult, if convicted for the new offense (or if he takes a plea agreement to a lesser offense), the judge could impose whatever suspended sentence he has over his head for a probation violation.  Even if he was ultimately acquitted of the new charge (or it was dropped outright), it’s still possible that the judge could use the arrest against him to impose part (if not all) of his suspended sentence.  But that all depends on what the judge knows and, again really depends on the outcome of the new charge.

Chris serves a prime example for those who have taken some sort of plea agreement or have probation imposed on a assault charge (or for any charge for that matter).  You will be held to a higher scruninty during your period of probation, and will have to answer for any alleged wrong doings during that time.

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