In this section of JustAskBenGlass one of our listeners asked about the case of a cab driver who shot officer Peter Lavoy in the head. In this case, the officer was responding to a call involving this taxi driver. After the incident, the victim filed a 10 million dollar lawsuit for negligent hiring practices. Generally Virginia does recognize cases of negligent hiring but these cases are hard because an attorney must be able to show that the company has had a record of negligent hiring. It is a tough claim to say that the taxi company should have known that the taxi driver they hired was capable of shooting someone. On the other hand, customers want to be reassured that they are safe getting into these cabs. There are other factors from the case that we also do not know; in many cases cab drivers are not directly linked to the cab company. Some of them lease the car for a time slot in order to make money, but the taxi company does not contract them. There are lots of facts to be learned but we do wish officer Lavoy the best. 

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