A practice area is just a description of a type of case that the attorney handles. Some lawyers advertise handling a few types of cases, and then there are lawyers who advertise every practice area under the sun. But quantity is not a sign of quality. 

In fact, I tend to see that the more practice areas a Richmond personal injury lawyer advertises, the more generalized the practice is. These types of law firms also may be the ones that use bad lawyer advertising that I advise clients to ignore. 

Look to Case History and Testimonials 

The real place to look when determining if a lawyer is able to handle your case is his or her case history and testimonials. The case history should include at least one case similar to yours. Likewise, testimonials should be from clients like you who have had positive results. 

It only takes a few hundred dollars to run most lawyer advertisements, but it takes years of legal experience to be a good personal injury lawyer. A practice area listed on an ad doesn’t mean that lawyer has to take those cases; it just means he or she is aware of the practice area. 

Beware of Bad Lawyer Ads 

To find out if a lawyer truly has experience with cases like yours, you need to do more than just skim through lawyer ads on the Internet. Order a copy of my book, The Truth About Lawyer Advertising, for help choosing a lawyer. If you’d like to discuss your case with me, call (703) 584-7277. 

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