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In this May 2012 accident, the plaintiff was returning home from her weekly Bingo game in Springfield, Virginia. Her car was struck at high speed by a driver who fled the scene but was captured later. Several weeks after being released from jain on bail, if fled the country.

The injured driver suffered massive injuries to her pelvis, abdomen and lower extremities. Her hospitalization was followed by a lengthy in-patient rehabilitation. She was the primary caretaker for her husband, who suffered from dementia, and who passed away several months after his wife's accident.

The case settled for the maximum insurance coverage available. A portion of the funds were used to reimburse Medicare, which had paid for most of the medical expenses.

A higher settlement would have resulted had the plaintiff purchased adequate uninsured motorist coverage.

Videos explaining how uninsured motorist coverage are here and here.

$242,498 Settllement for Woman Hit By Driver Who Later Fled the Country

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