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At BenGlassLaw, we see insurance company spying both in accident/injury cases and in long-term disability cases. Companies like Hartford frankly are pretty famous for this.

The Hartford does it a lot and a lot of the car insurance companies will do it in a serious case once your lawsuit has been filed. So how can you avoid having your case destroyed by your insurance company spying with video surveillance? Well, the first thing is you have to be brutally honest with your lawyer and your insurance company about the extent of your activity level.

The people who have their cases destroyed by video surveillance tend to be the people who are exaggerating what they can and can’t do, or who are outright lying about their activity level and/or the extent of their injury. Not lying really is rule number one with any legal case. If you're involved in a disability case and you get from Hartford or Prudential an Activities of Daily Living questionnaire where they ask you to chart your activities for the week, that’s a pretty good clue that they’re going to be attempting video surveillance with you in our experience.

They’re going to compare what you write in your activities chart with what they catch on video surveillance. If the insurance company wants you to do a field visit and sit down with you in your house or your attorney’s office, that typically means they are already do have you on video surveillance. Again, if you're telling your insurance company in a personal injury claim that you can’t go out and go shopping, you can’t lift certain amounts, and/or you can’t work on consecutive days, and they catch you on a video surveillance doing any of these thing, that can potentially ruin your case.

Ultimately, it is up to you to properly report the extent of your injuries and your activity level. If you lie, you put your entire case (and potentially your financial future) at risk.

If you would like more information about the accident/injury claim process, you can order our free report on accident claims in Virginia. Additionally, we have a free report on long-term disabilty claims in Virginia that goes step by step through that process as well.

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