If there was any reason to ever not be trusting of someone, it's obviously after a bad accident. You have the insurance adjuster banging down your door and filling your voicemail. I really wish this was as far as the turmoil goes, but now you're battling through messages from runners and attorneys that are just trying to "give you a free consultation". They might even try to get you to sign some forms before your meeting is over! This is NOT how you would want to start your search for an attorney.

I have a few secrets to share with you, which will give you a bit of a "heads up" before you make an appointment for a “free consultation” with any lawyer. The easiest place to start your Virginia personal injury attorney search is by asking their office to send you a package of written information. If this is missing, it might a red flag that this attorney sends people to hospitals to find clients. When you do contact a good board certified personal injury attorney for their package, you should expect to get, at the least, the following:

  • A sample fee agreement
  • A list of sample verdicts, settlements, and testimonials from former clients
  • A full written explanation of the steps involved in a personal injury lawsuit
  • Written assurance that they carry errors and omissions insurance in the amount of at least one million dollars.
  • Full explanation of the fees and costs, the difference between the two, and how the percentage fee is calculated.

Our policy is to NOT take your case if you are already represented! If you are already represented, use this information to raise questions to your attorney and get the answers and information you need. You may be in a world of surprise when it comes to what's REALLY going on with your personal injury case! 
For additional information, and more insurance company tricks, request a free PDF of The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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