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Most long-term disability policies provide that you will be paid benefits for 24 months if you meet the definition of disability and you cannot perform your "own occupation." After 24 months the definition of disability changes to "any occupation," meaning that you will only be paid if you cannot perform "any occupation."

(Note, these definitions do vary, policy to policy. Fax or email us if you live in Virginia and we will look at your policy for free and give you our analysis. Call us for the special fax and email contact information.)

We have handled over 1500 long-term disability cases and, an extensive analysis of our files reveals that if you are getting paid a disability benefit the most likely month that your benefits will be terminated is on the 21st month after payment started.

When will your long-term disability policy be terminiated after you have been denied?Why Will Your Benefits Be Terminated Early?

It is simply because the insurance company can save three months of payments. Multiply that by thousands of claimants, nationwide, and you can see how this affects insurance company profits.

The company knows that because of the change in definition at 24 months you will probably:

  1. Have a hard time finding a lawyer willing to take a chance on your case; and
  2. Just give up.

Don't give up. Read our free book on Virginia long-term disability claims to learn more about these cases and what you can do.

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