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 As James Abrenio explains in this video, it would be very unlikely that a person would actually spend a year in jail for a first offense of DUI.  In fact, for an un-aggravated first DUI (i.e., a DUI not involving an elevated Blood Alcohol Level or immediate danger to life, limb or property), jail time will not necessarily be the focus of the Court.  Rather, the sentence generally imposed would likely include a period of suspended time that will be hanging over the head of the convicted person convicted for a period of one (1) year. 

In the event that the person failed to complete conditions imposed by ASAP, violated additional law, or was not of general good behavior, then the person would be required to re-appear before the Court where part, if not all, of their suspended sentence would be imposed.

Of course, if you, your friend or family member is facing a DUI, you must consult with an attorney because every case is different and there may be other factors that might affect sentencing.  For instance, jurisdictions such as Loudoun quite often require a short period (48 hours) of active jail even for un-aggravated DUIs.

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