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In this video, James Abrenio explains what kind of punishment is likely if you are convicted of a first offense of DUI.  As you will see, Virginia imposes three possible types of punishment for a first DUI:

  • Possible jail time: Given that a DUI is a Class I misdemeanor, a person convicted of a first offense faces the possibility of one (1) year in jail.  Keep in mind, this is the maximum sentence, and that does not mean that those convicted of a first offense DUI must serve that entire sentence (or possibly any jail at all).  Each person will be sentenced according the specific facts and circumstances of his or her case.
  • Possible fine: A first DUI also carries with it a maximum fine of $2,500.00.  Again, the actual fine an individual receives depends on the facts of his or her case.
  • Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program: Those convicted of a first DUI must complete this alcohol education program, which is generally a ten (10) week course that is intended to educate about the effect that alcohol has on lives.  Virginia ASAP will also serve as a de facto probation supervisor which will monitor you for one (1) year and  will report to the court should a person convicted of DUI not complete ASAP, fail to comply with the other conditions of sentence, violate any further law, or not be of general good behavior.
  • Loss of driving privileges: Upon conviction of a first DUI offense, Virginia imposes a one (1) year loss of driving privileges.  It is possible to get a restricted licenses to permit driving for work, health care, worship and other limited purposes.
  • Ignition Interlock: Recently, Virginia has required anyone convicted of a first offense DUI to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle for at least six (6) months in order to obtain a restricted license to drive for the year their license is suspended.
  • Additional requirements:  In some jurisdictions, the court can impose additional requirements.  For instance, in Loudoun County, there is mandatory attendance of a Victim Impact Panel, which is a day long session in which victims of drunk driving discuss the affects DUIs have had on their lives.

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