After I was seriously injured in a car accident in Richmond the insurance adjuster wanted to meet with me to settle my case. I'm sure glad that I talked to an attorney before that!

I later had to have serious surgery to repair a fracture to my face and I doubt the insurance adjuster would have dealt with me fairly.

I did consult with another Richmond area personal injury law firm. They advertise a lot on TV. The wanted to handle my case and charge me not only a 1/3 fee, but they also wanted to tack on an 8% "file handling fee" to my case. They must have thought I was stupid.

I found Ben Glass and Bob Battle and met with them in their Richmond office. They explained the entire process to me and also explained how they would charge 25% of the recovery if they could settle my case more than 90 days prior to trial.

They were able to negotiate with the insurance company and to get them to pay their their entire coverage of $100,000.

I'm glad I didn't go to that meeting in McDonalds and I'm also glad that I found lawyers who don't rip people off.

K. Brown, Richmond, VA