I was in a car accident in August of 2017, the driver had rear ended my vehicle while I was stopped at a red light. It was clear from the day of the accident that I was going to need a lawyer and my search began. After seven phone calls to various attorneys, (most that went unreturned), I came across James Abrenio.

From the beginning until the very end, James was honest and knowledgeable. He advised me that because the case was so black and white, I could send a demand letter and most likely negotiate on my own and that hiring him wasn’t necessary. During the whole process of trying to figure it out for myself, he diligently (and patiently) answered all my questions, provided me with numerous resources, and never once asked for compensation for the multitude of hours he consulted me with. It wasn’t until after all his help and guidance, (I still wasn’t getting anywhere with the opposing insurance team), that he even went and sent a letter on my behalf in hopes of an answer – still without discussing payment/hiring his services.

After numerous times going back and forth with the opposing side, that I asked to hire James and his services, (I think I said, ‘can I please just hire you?’). Out of all the other attorneys that I called, interviewed, screened – James was hands down the most honest and knowledgeable. A true testament of his character of genuinely trying to help a person in need, without even asking for compensation, should sway you enough to trust his judgment and hire his services.

Furthermore, James was able to settle the claim outside of court, within 2 weeks of our demand letter, and never once made me feel like I was in the dark. He was knowledgeable along the entire way and always let my concerns be heard. He never made me feel like any of my questions were irrelevant or stupid. My phone calls and emails were always answered in a timely fashion, and on the times when he wouldn’t be available he informed me of such. James is a friendly upbeat guy who genuinely wants the best outcome for you. I firmly believe it’s not about the money for him, but about what you deserve in a car accident claim. I hope I never have to hire an attorney again, but should the occasion arise, I will definitely be seeking out James Abrenio and his team. I highly recommend James, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the settlement he acquired for me.