When you are the innocent victim and injured party, due to an auto accident; the recipient of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and have concerns about whether or not the "other" insurance company will pay those bills and fairly compensate you for all you've been through, to meet someone like Mr. Glass may be the first positive encounter you can have when dealing with the unknown.

His demeanor from the moment he said "hello," to his endless patience as I delivered the long story, sometimes rambling, demonstrated his genuine care and concern. He made it perfectly clear that not all cases require engaging his firm, but he went on to explain that he has provided the educational tools and materials for a person to feel confident in representing themselves if that becomes their preference.

Today was my first meeting with Mr, Glass and while it is not 100% clear that I may need legal counsel for this particular case, what is abundantly clear to me is that his approach to dealing with a potential client is remarkably refreshing in a world where most lawyers would never take the time he did or offer the alternatives.

In the end I may be able to handle my own case and if I do it successfully, it will be due to Mr. Ben Glass. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know who is looking for a lawyer with Intelligence and Integrity.