I learned about Ben Glass while researching other attorneys. I called two Fairfax attorneys and both spoke very highly of Ben and his practice. He is good standing with the bar, etc. I made an appointment after picking up his book on "Robbery Without a Gun". His staff was great and Ben introduced himself to me as he stepped out of a meeting and saw me reviewing material in the hallway.

I related to him the problem I was having finding a good attorney to represent me with my disability. He said, "Stop, you have an attorney". This was a load office my mind. I had been struggling over a year or so, looking for the right help since having had brain surgery and a laminectomy. At my appointment he enlightened me about ERISA and SSDI laws. He offered me his conference room for an upcoming meeting with an investigator. Ben and his staff are warm and caring people. If you need an attorney do not hesitate to contact Ben Glass.

Helen, Northern Virginia