I am writing today to tell you how much your last book and your philosphies have helped me....

You actually got me through some tough times over the last few months, and continue to do so today (and probably tomorrow and on and on).  you see, at the age of 50 i had a heart attack, followed by hospitalizations, followed by erroneous release from the hospital, followed by readmittance, following by a double bypass, followed by my first (of several, evidently) lung sack drainage procedures which involves much courage and a long needle in the back.  you may not believe this, but all this has not been nearly as fun as it sounds.


I was in the local hospital and also fairfax hospital for over a month, with lots of horror at home afterwards.  while in the hospital i kept a REALLY great attitude.  the nurses loved me.  so much so that they started to linger during my check-ups and even coming to my room to 'chat' when they were on their breaks.  this is one thing i learned from you and that is not to let people steal your time.


I needed to sleep and mend!  ...  so my version of not answering the phone and being less accessible was to keep the door closed and not answer the phone!  i continue to not answer the phone at home.  it drives visitors crazy, but why should i stop what i am doing for a phone call when i have an answering system?  it is so logical.  i wonder why we are all slaves to the phone.

 also, i only hung with the positive patients...  the ones that were much further along in their recovery than i was.  it really worked.  who wants to hang with a bunch of sick people, anyway?  i later learned they had gone through a much lessor surgery than i had....  and here i thought they were just real troopers.  oh well!  worked for me!
Well, i certainly don't want to be a time thief, so i'll close. i just wanted you to know that attorneys and entrepreneurs aren't the only ones who can catch on to your terrific advice.
Donna H., Fredericksburg, VA