Where to begin? I suffered a traumatic brain injury, completely rendering me helpless and disabled. I was granted short-term disability and felt comforted by the insurance company. After months of waiting, my long-term disability was denied. The insurance company cited various items that had no relevance to the outcome of my claim, went outside of legal time-frames for the claim, and denied me the right to have a qualified doctor review my claim. Further, they used the evaluation of a Nurse to overturn the diagnosis provided by industry-leading Neurologists and various other specialists.

Not having any time or cognitive ability to take necessary steps to appeal or acquire legal counsel, I spent every cent I had, even burning through retirement funds due to lack of income. After 9 months of additional recovery time, I was referred to BenGlassLaw by another attorney as I began my search for legal help. I was unbelievably hesitant about this process and worst of all, oblivious about the process. Even after speaking with the firm, I had my doubts, the insurance company seemed so difficult to deal with. However, little did I know that I was in absolutely amazing hands. The process was tireless and unbelievably irritating for someone with a brain injury.

However, BenGlassLaw was unbelievably diligent and meticulous about collecting every last detail and medical record so they could build the strongest and most aggressive case possible. Their patience, compassion, and understanding of my condition throughout the process made me feel like I wasn't alone, and like I had the help of a team that really cared about me, they ultimately gave me hope. After a long period of collecting the facts, they submitted my appeal; it was intelligent, overwhelmingly detailed, aggressive, and personal. 10 days ago, we won the appeal. I can support my family now, I can pay my bills, I can sleep. They saved me. Thank you Ben, and thank you especially to Olivia, she has the patience of a saint, and thank you to Audrey as well, such a kind and wonderful staff! I'm so happy to be a part of the family and know that I have a great team in my corner.

Don't hesitate like I did, I promise you don't have to, hire Ben Glass Law!