I had ruptured brain aneurysm. I had purchased long term disability insurance thru my work and had paid 15+ years. The company paid for about 12 or 18 months then all of a sudden one month stopped. They stated that one of the many Drs. I had seen had my condition under control and I could go back to work. Thanks to my husband and BenGlassLaw my benefits were re-instated and he takes care of them and me today. His staff is always polite, quick to respond to my questions and I always have many questions because my memory is and will just not be there. They made me feel like I was a vital part of society when the insurance company made me feel horrible about my self. Life is different but God left me here for a reason, and he put Ben Glass, his staff and my family as my continued support. I can not say thank you enough this has eased the strain for my family financially. Contact Ben Glass you will not be sorry you did and he is very straight forward caring person.