Here's our guarantee. Your case is different! The case reported here is not a prediction of a similar outcome for you. You should consult wtih an experienced personal injury attorney to determine what your case is worth. While many small case can be handled by general practictioners you should know that some personal injury lawyers are Nationally Board Certified. You should ask.

When we were injured in a car accident in late 2012, it was a real nightmare for us to begin with. First, the insurance adjusters wouldn't stop calling us. They wanted recorded statements and they wanted us to sign forms.

Then, we started getting letters from lawyers and calls from "friends" who were recommending that we hire a lawyer "right now" and they knew just who to get.

The last straw was when one of the doctors we saw almost insisted that he wouldn't treat us unless we signed up with "his" lawyer.

We went on the Internet and found Ben Glass and his team. We checked out his ratings at the lawyer rating sites and watched a lot of his videos. We knew he would be great for us.

It was a long process but we were finally able to settle our case. At first the insurance company didn't want to pay us what we thought was fair, but Ben and his team hung in there.

The big thing is that all along the way Ben kept us informed and educated about the process. He helped me and my family make a good financial decision about our claim.

I'd highly recommend that if you have been hurt in an accident that you download a copy of Ben's free accident book or that you call the office and ask for his complete package of information about the injury claim process. It was an eye opener for us.

Robert Sweeney