It’s been an honor serving this community for over 32 years, and we wanted to give back with a free membership program for our closest friends.

VIP Program Benefits

  • Free family and small business contract reviews
  • Free insurance policy reviews
  • Free notary service
  • Free 15-minute legal consultations
  • Free entry into BenGlassLaw contests
  • Dedicated BIP hotline for members

No surprise, many attorneys who hear about BenGlassLaw's VIP program find it too sensational to believe. They ask, "why would you offer all these free benefits, isn't it hurting your law practice." The honest answer is no because we know that helping people with their small legal issues is just as important as helping them with their big legal issues.

 "The VIP Program Is Amazing!"

"The VIP program is AMAZING!!

Membership is no cost and no strings. And it provides some really valuable free benefits. I just received a very professional analysis of my long-term care policy written by Ben personally. It turns out it is a good policy with no hidden “gotchas,” but the analysis still gives me peace of mind. In the past, I have gotten very useful advice about an auto accident claim and have attended several very interesting and informative presentations at Ben’s office. He is a great guy and very easy to talk to.

In today’s litigious society it makes no sense not to join the VIP club."


"I Am Proud to Be a Ben Glass VIP.."

"I am proud to be a Ben Glass VIP, which anyone can be, and get free 15-minute legal consultations. I had a debt collector harassing me about a supposed $350 debt I didn't feel I owed. I needed advice but realized that a lawyer might charge more than that in one hour. But in 15 minutes, Ben hashed out for me the template for a letter to dispute and reduce the debt and gave me other great advice. Should I need an attorney for a case for which more is at stake, I'd gladly hire Ben and his firm!"