My insurance company denied a routine medical procedure that was performed. I spent HOURS on the phone with the insurance company's Customer Representatives and was given a different reason for my denial every time. The doctor's offices wrote two letters requesting reconsideration and appeal . The answers to the first letter did not even address the question and request. Bills were coming in and I was afraid our credit would be ruined before the issue was resolved. I made an appointment with Ben Glass. His assistant, Cheryl, was wonderful and worked me into his busy schedule. He was saw me precisely at our scheduled time(I appreciate someone who appreciates my time!); listened while I explained the situation; asked questions and took notes. He related a similar problem that he had personally experienced with this Company which made me think there was some hope! Let's face it, when you have to see an attorney it's just about always concerning a stressful situation. He made me feel comfortable. He advised me as to whom I needed to contact, what to ask and what to request, and also how to make the contact (letter, certified mail). My denial was overturned! Victory! I beat the big, bad insurance company. I have complete confidence in Ben Glass and would not hesitate to call him again or refer him.