Ben Glass and his firm are extremely resourceful and responsive, they have truly impressed me.

I was involved in a car accident with someone who was high and drunk, and was arrested for a DWI.

The person's car insurance company was bullying and pressuring me. I was injured in the accident and still going through treatment, so wanted to get some guidance and advice from a personal injury lawyer before talking to the insurance company.

I had talked to 2 lawyers prior to finding Ben. The first one was extremely nonchalant, and almost dismissive about my concerns. The second lawyer, never personally talked to me but was quick to send me a personal injury legal fee agreement, which made me extremely uneasy - needless to say I never signed it - and he never followed up. I found Ben while researching on the internet on a Saturday evening, I called his office and figured I would leave a message, but to my surprise a live human being answered.

The office was closed, but the operator got my information, so someone could get back to me first thing on Monday. Ben's staff called me back, as promised, they were patient and understanding, and set up a free consultation. Upon meeting with Ben he was thorough, knowledgeable, and honest, which gave me absolute peace of mind.

I knew I had made a smart decision and felt like I was in good hands. Ben gave me a couple of possibilities on next steps and followed up with me after our meeting. Ben Glass is a rare breed, he is an ethical lawyer with impressive integrity. I will certainly tell everyone I know about Ben.

I will go back to him once my injuries heal, so he can help me deal with the auto insurance company. He empowered me with knowledge and confidence that my case would would get resolved, and most importantly that I would be taken care of. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.

Name Withheld by Request, Case is pending