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Obviously you should not choose the right attorney for your case based on testimonials alone, but most of our clients tell us that it was a combination of information, testimonials and case results that lead them to hire BenGlassLaw to represent them. We take pride in providing a great experience for all of our clients - you can read additional reviews about Ben Glass at Avvo and about the firm on Google.

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  • After being hit by a careless driver in 2014, this couple endured years of surgeries and medical procedures. BenGlassLaw worked with them to settle their case for an amount they were pleased with and ended this stressful chapter in their lives.

    Dear Ben and James: This letter is long overdue, but after spending nearly three years in and out of hospitals, wound clinics, and doctors' offices, we have been enjoying our freedom from worrying about the aftermath of our car crash in August 2014. We are happy to have our lives back and look forward to enjoying our retirement. At our initial meeting in your Fairfax office, you gave us a couple of coffee mugs with a cartoon of Ben as a cape-wearing superhero. We laughed about the mugs when we got back to the car, but now I can honestly say that you two came through as superheroes for us. Throughout our long ordeal (nine surgeries, long periods of healing, severe stress), you not only provided outstanding legal counsel but also showed genuine concern for our well-being. When we became impatient with the many delays typical of a case like ours, James calmed us down and helped us to understand the complex process involved in holding a careless driver responsible for the physical and emotional damage he caused. You two were even patient with us when we chose to settle our case through mediation instead of enduring the stress of going to court, even though we know you would have preferred the latter. In handling our case, you went above and beyond your contract obligations to help us through three of the worst years of our lives. Remember those Omaha steaks? Their arrival was perfectly timed! So thank you-to you, James, for your tireless effort on our behalf and your patience in dealing with "the robot"; to you, Ben, for bringing your years of experience to the table on our behalf; and to both of you for treating us with kindness and understanding. We appreciate all that you did to reach a settlement with which we are happy, allowing us to move on with our lives.

  • I Can't Thank You Enough - A Note to Ben Glass

    Ben, I can't thank you enough for being the most incredible lawyer ever! You made my journey so easy. I love getting all of your publications also. The bread and jam was just the icing on the cake. Thank you for remembering me at Christmas in such a wonderful way! God Bless you and yours!

  • Thank You For The Suggestions - A Note to Ben Glass

      Ben, How wonderful of you to listen to my account of the accident. Thank you for the suggestions, I'll put  them into use. If I find myself needing a lawyer, you will be my first call. Most Grateful

  • I am so grateful to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see me... pro bono! - A note to Ben Glass

    Dear Ben, Great seeing you on Friday! I am so grateful to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see me... pro bono! Whatever the outcome, I sure feel better exhausting every avenue before rolling over and conceding. I did get some [payment] from the appeal, but it makes my blood boil that they can jerk people around, waste their time, and tie up their money. Thank you, Ben!

  • Thank You so much for the Generous Gift of Your Time - A Letter to Ben Glass

    Ben: Thank you so much for the generous gift of your time and advice two weeks ago. I appreciate your wise counsel. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Best Regards,

  • Your Mind and Time is Appreciated! - A Note to Ben Glass

      Thanks for all your hard work, emails, and conversations during the mediation. A relief that it is over - and thankful someone -you- is aware of the rules and knows how to apply them so when others are harmed, they can find restitution. Your mind and time is appreciated!

  • Thanks to You We Can Now "Move" On! - A Letter to Ben Glass

      Dear Mr. Glass, Kindly accept our heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for the outstanding work done on our behalf, in successfully settling our accident case. Thanks to you we can now "move" on! Warmly,

    Former Client
  • Thank You for your Good Advice - A Letter to Ben Glass

      Dear Mr. Glass, We were deeply touched by your kindness. Thank You for your good advice and also for the two certificates and the fudge brownies. Needless to say if ever we will require some legal assistance, we will definitely get in touch with you, Very Sincerely P.S. We already told our family members and also our friends about the very positive experience with your firm and especially with you personally!

  • Ben quickly cut to the heart of the matter, provided useful advice, and explained his reasoning in a way a non-lawyer could understand.

    Ben was extremely responsive and very practical in his advice. I was having difficulty dealing with a car rental company who was the responsible for damage to my car resulting from an accident. Ben quickly cut to the heart of the matter, provided useful advice, and explained his reasoning in a way a non-lawyer could understand. And, it was obvious he was objectively (and patiently) pointing me towards the best course of action for me. He stayed with me until all of my questions were answered and until I fully understood this course of action. I have dealt with lawyers in the past who seemed like they were trying to get to the "end" as quickly as possible or were pushing towards an outcome that would be most beneficial to them. Not Ben. It was obvious his sole intent was to protect my best interests. Thanks Ben!

    Dan P.
  • Mr. Glass may be the first positive encounter you can have when dealing with the unknown.

    When you are the innocent victim and injured party, due to an auto accident; the recipient of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and have concerns about whether or not the "other" insurance company will pay those bills and fairly compensate you for all you've been through, to meet someone like Mr. Glass may be the first positive encounter you can have when dealing with the unknown.   His demeanor from the moment he said "hello," to his endless patience as I delivered the long story, sometimes rambling, demonstrated his genuine care and concern. He made it perfectly clear that not all cases require engaging his firm, but he went on to explain that he has provided the educational tools and materials for a person to feel confident in representing themselves if that becomes their preference.   Today was my first meeting with Mr, Glass and while it is not 100% clear that I may need legal counsel for this particular case, what is abundantly clear to me is that his approach to dealing with a potential client is remarkably refreshing in a world where most lawyers would never take the time he did or offer the alternatives.   In the end I may be able to handle my own case and if I do it successfully, it will be due to Mr. Ben Glass. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know who is looking for a lawyer with Intelligence and Integrity.