We have one important mission at BenGlassLaw: help people like you make great decisions about their legal issues.

We are extremely proud and honored to have served so many in our community and we wanted to give you a sample of some of the stories shared by the amazing clients we have had the pleasure of serving over the years. Most of our clients tell us that it was a combination of information, testimonials, and case results that lead them to hire BenGlassLaw to represent them.

Of our many values, number one on our list is, “we serve the client.” When you call our office, we will work hard to ensure that you have a unique, personal experience with us whether you become our client or not. If you are not satisfied when you hang up the phone, then we have not done our job correctly.

Our door is always open, so If you have been injured in a car accident or had your long-term disability claim denied, give us a call and we will let you know if we can take your case or refer you to another great attorney in your area.

If you have worked with us in the past and enjoyed your time with us, leave us a google review and tell us about your experience.

"Gave me the peace of mind I was hoping to find..."

Ben talked to me right away and gave me the peace of mind I was hoping to find. One of the questions he asked me early in the call was, 'Did you follow my advice I gave you in my book How to Buy Car Insurance?' When I answered 'yes,' he told me that I really was going to be fine. He also told me what I should next and he stayed with me throughout the experience. I highly recommend Ben Glass to anyone who is involved in a accident or needs legal advice." - Rem: Car Accident

"Relieved that Mr. Glass is the attorney representing me..."

He obviously cares a great deal about his clients. His office staff is always friendly, courteous, and very responsive. I have even gotten emails regarding my case over the weekend. I am so relieved that Mr. Glass is the attorney representing me in my long term disability case." - Shari: Long-Term Disability

"What a blessing it was to find Ben Glass..."

"What a blessing it was to find Ben Glass to handle the appeal for my long term disability case. Amazingly, he and his organization were able to weed through the plethora of documentation and convoluted path of my complicated illnesses, and make complete sense of it all. The resulting appeal submission to the insurance company was nothing less than stellar. Consequently, we won the appeal, which has made a huge difference in my life. My husband and I thank you." - Kathleen: Long-Term Disability 

"Wish I'd sought his insight long, long ago..."

"Ben not only knows this field, he's not just in it for himself! Wish I'd sought his insight long, long ago. Be smarter than me and go to him, right away." - Mike

"Ben Glass was always there for me..."

Ben Glass was always 'there' for me. Since the LTD company required this process every year or 2 and the time it took me about 6 months to get all the information , I was physically and emotionally spent much of the time. Ben understood the strain and took the time to listen to questions and decrease my fears.- A BenGlassLaw Client