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Our mission at BenGlassLaw is clear: we exist to help people make great decisions about their legal issues. We want everyone who calls our office or knocks on our door to get the absolute best information and advice that we can give them, whether they become our client or not. On our list of values up on the wall, number one is "We serve the client." We're proud and honored to have served so many in our community, and we wanted to give you a sample of some of the stories that they tell. Below you'll find video and written testimonials from people who have worked with us and want to share their experience. In the end, most of our clients tell us that it was a combination of information, testimonials, and case results that lead them to hire BenGlassLaw to represent them. If you've been injured in a car accident, wronged by a medical professional, or had your long term disability claim denied, take a moment to hear from these Virginians that have been in your shoes and chose BenGlassLaw to fight for them:

"I knew I could trust BenGlassLaw. I just knew it."

"I can't even begin to give enough praise, gratitude, and thankfulness to and for BenGlassLaw."

"They're good people... Everyone that has contacted us from this firm has been truthfully pleasant."

"[BenGlassLaw] left no stone unturned. There's no way someone could do this themselves... If I did I wouldn't be sitting here with a check."

"Gave me the peace of mind I was hoping to find..."

Ben talked to me right away and gave me the peace of mind I was hoping to find. One of the questions he asked me early in the call was, 'Did you follow my advice I gave you in my book How to Buy Car Insurance?' When I answered 'yes,' he told me that I really was going to be fine. He also told me what I should next and he stayed with me throughout the experience. I highly recommend Ben Glass to anyone who is involved in a accident or needs legal advice." - Rem: Car Accident

"Relieved that Mr. Glass is the attorney representing me..."

He obviously cares a great deal about his clients. His office staff is always friendly, courteous, and very responsive. I have even gotten emails regarding my case over the weekend. I am so relieved that Mr. Glass is the attorney representing me in my long term disability case." - Shari: Long-Term Disability

"What a blessing it was to find Ben Glass..."

"What a blessing it was to find Ben Glass to handle the appeal for my long term disability case. Amazingly, he and his organization were able to weed through the plethora of documentation and convoluted path of my complicated illnesses, and make complete sense of it all. The resulting appeal submission to the insurance company was nothing less than stellar. Consequently, we won the appeal, which has made a huge difference in my life. My husband and I thank you." - Kathleen: Long-Term Disability 

"Wish I'd sought his insight long, long ago..."

"Ben not only knows this field, he's not just in it for himself! Wish I'd sought his insight long, long ago. Be smarter than me and go to him, right away." - Mike

"Ben Glass was always there for me..."

Ben Glass was always 'there' for me. Since the LTD company required this process every year or 2 and the time it took me about 6 months to get all the information , I was physically and emotionally spent much of the time. Ben understood the strain and took the time to listen to questions and decrease my fears.- A BenGlassLaw Client

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  • The information you provided helped me to get my claim approved without hiring a lawyer.

    Thanks Ben for the great consultation, the office support and the free books to help me with my disability claim. The information you provided helped me to get my claim approved without hiring a lawyer. Our one on one personal consultation and your firm’s resources provided confidence and reduced a lot of stress and anxiety for me during these troubled times. My family and I appreciate your help. Most respectfully Harold.

  • I have been fortunate to have had few occasions to require an attorney, but this was my best experience.

    Ben represented me in a wrongful death action for a member of my immediate family, which was very hard for me to process emotionally--I imagine that's true for everyone dealing with something like this. He struck the perfect balance between genuine empathy and rational assessment and advice. While he made no promises about how things would turn out, his predictions about the likely process and outcomes were spot-on throughout. I always felt fully informed and prepared. His staff, to a person, was exceptionally responsive, kind, and super-competent. I have been fortunate to have had few occasions to require an attorney, but this was my best experience.

    No name given
  • Ben fought hard for me and won! Ben was never in a rush with me as most attorneys are!

    I would highly recommend Ben Glass to everyone looking for an attorney. He was also recommended to me. Ben was very compassionate, caring, and empathetic.  He acted upon my case immediately and kept me informed at all times. If I had a question, I received a call back right away with an answer. He was always there for me every step of the way, until he WON my case. His entire staff were amazing! Ben fought hard for me and won! Ben was never in a rush with me as most attorneys are! I was treated with the highest professionalism and on a one to one client.

  • Ben Glass helped me win my case.

    My insurance company denied a routine medical procedure that was performed. I spent HOURS on the phone with the insurance company's Customer Representatives and was given a different reason for my denial every time. The doctor's offices wrote two letters requesting reconsideration and appeal . The answers to the first letter did not even address the question and request. Bills were coming in and I was afraid our credit would be ruined before the issue was resolved. I made an appointment with Ben Glass. His assistant, Cheryl, was wonderful and worked me into his busy schedule. He was saw me precisely at our scheduled time(I appreciate someone who appreciates my time!); listened while I explained the situation; asked questions and took notes. He related a similar problem that he had personally experienced with this Company which made me think there was some hope! Let's face it, when you have to see an attorney it's just about always concerning a stressful situation. He made me feel comfortable. He advised me as to whom I needed to contact, what to ask and what to request, and also how to make the contact (letter, certified mail). My denial was overturned! Victory! I beat the big, bad insurance company. I have complete confidence in Ben Glass and would not hesitate to call him again or refer him.  

  • Disability Appeal for Interstitial Cystitis

    To All, I have received a copy of my appeal and am thoroughly impressed by the quality of your work. I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done, and the time that you invested to make it such a strong appeal. Carolyn N.

  • Thanks for not making me drive all the way to Fairfax

    I was thrilled and thankful that Ben Glass has a satellite office closer to where I live. I was referred to him by a trusted friend but was fearful, after the injuries suffered in my accident, from driving over an hour into Fairfax. Thankfully, Amber told me about his Manassas office and I was able to arrange an appointment there. Easy to get to and a terrific office. Mr. Glass explained that it was a satellite office not fully staffed but available for meeting with him and his team. I am also very happy that Mr. Glass has agreed to accept my case.

    Mary V.
  • I laughed when the insurance adjuster wanted to meet me in McDonald's to settle my case

    After I was seriously injured in a car accident in Richmond the insurance adjuster wanted to meet with me to settle my case. I'm sure glad that I talked to an attorney before that! I later had to have serious surgery to repair a fracture to my face and I doubt the insurance adjuster would have dealt with me fairly. I did consult with another Richmond area personal injury law firm. They advertise a lot on TV. The wanted to handle my case and charge me not only a 1/3 fee, but they also wanted to tack on an 8% "file handling fee" to my case. They must have thought I was stupid. I found Ben Glass and Bob Battle and met with them in their Richmond office. They explained the entire process to me and also explained how they would charge 25% of the recovery if they could settle my case more than 90 days prior to trial. They were able to negotiate with the insurance company and to get them to pay their their entire coverage of $100,000. I'm glad I didn't go to that meeting in McDonalds and I'm also glad that I found lawyers who don't rip people off.

    K. Brown, Richmond, VA
  • What a nightmare. Lawyers, Adjusters and Bill Collectors were calling us after our accident.

    When we were injured in a car accident in late 2012, it was a real nightmare for us to begin with. First, the insurance adjusters wouldn't stop calling us. They wanted recorded statements and they wanted us to sign forms. Then, we started getting letters from lawyers and calls from "friends" who were recommending that we hire a lawyer "right now" and they knew just who to get. The last straw was when one of the doctors we saw almost insisted that he wouldn't treat us unless we signed up with "his" lawyer. We went on the Internet and found Ben Glass and his team. We checked out his ratings at the lawyer rating sites and watched a lot of his videos. We knew he would be great for us. It was a long process but we were finally able to settle our case. At first the insurance company didn't want to pay us what we thought was fair, but Ben and his team hung in there. The big thing is that all along the way Ben kept us informed and educated about the process. He helped me and my family make a good financial decision about our claim. I'd highly recommend that if you have been hurt in an accident that you download a copy of Ben's free accident book or that you call the office and ask for his complete package of information about the injury claim process. It was an eye opener for us.

    Robert Sweeney
  • We increased our car insurance to $1,000,000 for less than $17 per month extra

    I want to thank Ben Glass for his advice on why to increase our car insurance. Before talking to Ben we had a $300,000 liability policy. Ben convinced us that this was way too low, so we called USAA and asked for $1,000,000 in coverage. USAA sold us that policy and the additional cost was less than $17.00 per month. This coverage included $1,000,000 of uninsured motorist coverage. Now my family is better protected against uninsured drivers. Thanks, Ben

    Tanya, Centreville, VA
  • I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Ben Glass over the past six years

    I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Ben Glass over the past six years, not on direct cases, but on how to be a better lawyer. Ben teaches other attorneys, like myself, how to communicate with prospective clients and current clients so that ALL parties involved in a case get the most out of the case and reach satisfactory results. I know that the Knowledge and Value that Ben provides to fellow attorneys is dwarfed by the immense amount of information and knowledge he imparts to individuals looking for an attorney in their time of need. I am confident that Ben provides terrific attorney representation in Virginia and I have referred him numerous cases myself!

    Brian Mittman, New York Disability Attorney