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The Best Law Firm Newsletter in Virginia

Congratulations on finding this page! You have come this far, so you must be interested in subscribing to the BEST LAW FIRM NEWSLETTER IN VIRGINIA! That is a bold claim, but we are comfortable saying it because most law firms just don't do stuff like this. While it seems a little crazy, getting a subscription to a printed monthly newsletter from a local attorney, we can assure you that many others have stood in your shoes and jumped off the proverbial cliff to subscribe.

What is the newsletter about? That is a great question. Each month, our staff writes articles about life in Northern Virginia. It's not all about law, we write about the things important to your neighbors, bosses, colleagues, and your family. We talk about recent events, like this story about the Virginia teen who lifted a truck off her father and saved her family home. You probably won't read that story in the New York Times.

Most importantly, if you have a case with BenGlassLaw, you are going read about the practice of law, the case process, and our recent verdicts. You will also read about Ben, a nationally recognized attorney, author, speaker and entrepreneur.

Here are a few headlines ripped from the BenGlassLaw newsletters in 2015:

  • “WILL THAT MATTER?” You Should Wear Your Seatbelt – But What if you Don’t?
  • What Happens When Ambulance Drivers are Careless? This law is going to SHOCK you.
  • Meet Dixon Hemphill: THE 90-YEAR-OLD WORLD RECORD HOLDER
  • PLAY LEFT FULLBACK (Show Up Like No One Else)

...And that is just four headlines from 12 months of publications! 

The best part is this... you can get a subscription for FREE. All you need to do is fill out the sign up form below and you are all set. Why do we do this? The short answer is because the "other" lawyers don't.

Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney