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Ben Glass isn’t just an attorney – he’s father-of-9, soccer referee, and mentor to thousands of small business owners and attorneys. That’s why his new monthly LiveLifeBig Newsletter is much more than a dull legal publication – it’s a guide to live a happy, thriving life!

Each month, the BenGlassLaw team contributes delicious recipes, answers to our question of the month, news from the community, and updates from the popular LiveLifeBig Podcast (subscribe and share!).

And you won’t want to miss Ben’s contribution, “Inside the Mind” – a special insert that contains the very popular segment, “What Would Ben Say?” which gives an exclusive look inside the mind of a successful entrepreneur!

But Wait, There’s More!

You will also find monthly special offers to request FREE copies of books Ben is currently reading…sent directly to your door (who doesn’t like free stuff!?).

Here are a few headlines ripped from BenGlassLaw newsletters in 2020:

  • 25 Years of Living Life Big! – BenGlassLaw Celebrates 25 Years of Operation
  • 'My Child's Camp Cancelled, Can I Get a Refund?' by Damon Miller
  • Fairfax County's Get2Green Program is Teaching Students How to Protect the Environment
  • The One Question Never to Get Wrong in a Job Interview

...And that is just four headlines from 12 months of publications!!

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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized car accident and ERISA disability attorney in Fairfax, VA.