How To Settle Your Own Car Accident Case - Free Guide

Did You Know That You Can Settle Your Own Personal Injury Case by Yourself?

That's right. No lawyer needed. Just think of all the money you'll save! I've created a free book that can guide you through the process in an easy and simple way.

I'll be honest, settling your own case is usually not the best idea. However, there are certain cases where hiring a lawyer just won't do you any good. These cases are typically smaller claims where there has been a limited amount of treatment or minor injuries. If you think you can settle your own case and would like to find out how, just download the free PDF version of my book, Get it Settled!

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Get it Settled will answer these ten important questions:

  1. What type of case can be settled without hiring an attorney?
  2. Can I get money from my own insurance company to pay my medical bills? 
  3. How do I properly document my accident?
  4. What should and shouldn't I give the insurance adjuster?
  5. Who will pay my medical bills while my claim is pending?
  6. What documents will I need to collect and submit to the defendant's car insurance company?
  7. How do I establish the value of my case?
  8. How do I negotiate with the insurance company?
  9. What if the other person does not have insurance or his insurance coverage has expired?
  10. What do I do after I have reached an agreement with the insurance adjuster?

My book even includes samples for:

  • A medical authorization letter
  • A demand letter
  • A discussion of injuries document
  • A summary of treatments statement
  • A lost wages and demand statement
  • A police accident report request

As a bonus, I've also included 10 major mistakes people make when dealing with their doctor after an accident.

This free information can be yours within a matter of seconds- all I need is your first name and email address. Ordering this information does not create an attorney-client relationship. And don't worry, the submission is confidential and we won't sell or trade your information to any third parties.

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