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100% FREE information-packed webinar on filing a group or individual disability claim.

The decision to file for disability is not easy. If you are diagnosed with an illness, you must make drastic choices about your career and future health. How can you meet your financial needs and recover your health? Should you take time off before you file a claim? What are the odds that your disability claim will be approved?

The Disability Appeals Team at BenGlassLaw will guide you through the process of filing a disability claim, including information that you need before you contact your insurance company, including:

  • When should you stop working?
  • What questions will the insurance company ask?
  • Will your job description can help (or hurt) your disability claim?
  • What is the insurance company’s perspective is on your disability claim?
  • What are the illnesses that the insurance company routinely reject?
  • Are there medical tests that can improve your chances of getting your claim approved?
  • … and much more

Why EVERYONE Who Plans to File a Disability Claim Should Watch This Webinar TODAY

Most insurance companies are primarily concerned with protecting their bottom line. Disability insurance companies routinely reject claims when the applicant doesn’t meet strict criteria… or if the insurance company believes there is little chance that the applicant will appeal.

Unfortunately, your claim is not safe even after your claim is approved. We’ve discovered that insurance companies will stop payments and deny ongoing claims long after you received your initial “approval.” This can happen at any time, particularly if the insurance company believes they will have to pay benefits for an extended time.

Insurance companies will also restrict the number of appeals you can make. If you’ve exhausted your allotted appeals, you cannot recover benefits… even if your doctors say you are disabled and can’t work.

We Made This Webinar to Help Everyone Who Applies for Disability Under a Group or Individual Disability Insurance Policy

You have a right to know what to expect, and it can be difficult to get good information about a group or individual disability policies. These claims differ from social security benefits because the insurance companies are allowed to “write their own rules.” You will find a lot of information about social security disability on the internet, while this webinar will help you understand your employer-provided or private disability insurance policy.

BenGlassLaw is well-know for helping people with their disability insurance claims. Few attorneys practice this niche area of law, and BenGlassLaw teaches other attorneys across the nation how to handle these types of disability claims.

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