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Far too often, I get calls from individuals who need their Virginia criminal record expunged, but they can’t afford an attorney.  Growing increasingly frustrated (because I still can’t believe Virginia doesn’t automatically expunge records!), I’ve decided to try to help in my small way.  Through trying to educate the public, and for FREE!

So if you, a friend or family member have a criminal record they are seeking to expunge, but can’t afford to hire an attorney, sign up for James’s Virginia Expungement Seminar.  To be clear, I can’t guarantee that you’re eligible for an expungement, or that you’ll ultimately be awarded one by the Court.  But I can guarantee that, if you come and listen, you will have a lot of great information to help yourself! 

Topics that I will cover include the following:

  1. The basic Expungement laws in Virginia (which cases qualify for expungement and which cases don't).
  2. Expungement court procedure (when, where, and how to file for an expungement).
  3. How to prepare an expungement Petition (what documents do you need, and what is the Court looking for in your petition).
  4. How to not mess it up in Court (basic court etiquette as well as basic arguments to make).
  5. What cases do you NEED an attorney for and why.

And for those interested, I will also be discussing with you my viewpoint on the current state of Virginia Expungement law.  We need true change in how people earn expungements and when they are eligible for one in the first place.  So even if you don’t ultimately qualify for an expungement, I’ll give you some tools so you can help advocate for change.

Come, listen, and learn! I can’t wait to meet you!

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