BenGlassLaw practices personal injury, long-term disability, short-term disability, and insurance appeals. We focus on these areas, and BenGlassLaw has a custom process for handling your potential claim.

How to Have Your Personal Injury Claim Reviewed by Our Attorneys

Our attorneys take phone calls by appointment only. You can call our office and speak to one of our intake specialists to schedule an appointment.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle

At BenGlassLaw, we handle most types of personal injury case, including traumatic brain injuries, broken or fractured bones, trucking accidents, and/or wrongful death. You can review our personal injury case results to learn about how we’ve handled cases like these.

BenGlassLaw also has a wide referral network of attorneys in Virginia and throughout the United States. If we cannot help you with your personal injury claim, we can send you to someone who can.

Option 1: Contact Our Personal Injury Intake Team

Before you schedule your meeting with one of our attorneys, you will speak to an intake specialist. We have an intake team dedicated to personal injury claims and speaking to our intake team is the fastest way to speak to an attorney.

To Speak to our Personal Injury Team, Call (703) 584-7277!

Call Our Personal Injury Team

Option 2: Complete BenGlassLaw’s Contact Form and Provide Details About Your Personal Injury Claim

You can visit and complete our contact form. We respond to contact forms within 24 business hours, and we will call you to schedule a time to speak with the attorney.

For personal injury claims, we need to know:

  • Where the accident happened
  • When the accident happened
  • What your injuries were (if any)
  • How the accident happened (some details)

Our personal injury intake team will call you to review your submission and schedule a time when you can speak to the attorney.

Complete BenGlassLaw’s Contact Form

Our Attorneys are Directly Notified When a Contact Form is Complete. We Respond to Urgent Inquiries, but if You Need to Speak to an Attorney Sooner, We Recommend That You Call (703) 584-7277.

Option 3: Download Ben Glass’s Free Book 5 Deadly Sins that can Wreck Your Injury Claim to learn more about personal injury claims in Virginia

If you’ve been in an accident in Virginia, you’ve quickly discovered three things. First, the insurance adjustors are eager to rush you to a quick, low settlement. Second, you are juggling doctors’ appointments, phone calls with the adjuster, and reviewing all the forms that the insurance company sends to you. Lastly, it is difficult to find the right attorney because most of them say the same things.

Ben Glass wrote 5 Deadly Sins that can Wreck Your Injury Claim to help Virginians who are navigating the difficult process of settling a personal injury claim. Many pitfalls in the insurance claim process can doom your claim, and this book covers the major roadblocks we see in the personal injury process.

You can download a FREE copy of 5 Deadly Sins that can Wreck Your Injury Claim from our website.

Download 5 Deadly Sins that can Wreck Your Injury Claim

View all the FREE books and reports available from BenGlassLaw! Download from our website or call (703) 584-7277

Has Your Disability Insurance Claim Been Denied? BenGlassLaw Offers Free Denial Letter Review

If your insurance claim has been denied, you need to call BenGlassLaw and speak to our disability insurance appeals team. We offer a free denial letter review so you can asses your options and learn how you can appeal your disability denial.

Our Disability Insurance Appeal Process

BenGlassLaw has systematized our disability appeal process to best help claimants who’ve been denied long-term or short-term disability. We literally “wrote the book” on ERISA disability appeals (14 attorneys attended our ERISA Disability Appeals Seminar so we could teach them how we handle ERISA Disability cases).

ERISA, or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, is a complex area of law that not many attorneys have experience in. That is why we started teaching our process to other attorneys and make ERISA-educated attorney more available in the marketplace.

How to Contact BenGlassLaw About Your Long-Term or Short-Term Disability Denial

Option 1: Call Our Disability Appeals Intake Team

To have your denial letter reviewed for FREE, call BenGlassLaw at (703) 584-7277. Someone on our disability appeals intake team will ask you questions about your disability insurance claim.

Click to Call BenGlassLaw About Your Disability Claim

Option 2: Send Us the Details of Your Claim Using Our Contact Form

Our disability insurance appeals team is notified of each contact form completed on our website. We respond to contact forms within 24 hours, excluding holidays and weekends.

When you fill out the contact form, please include the following information on your disability denial letter.

  • Your disability insurance company or provider
  • When you’ve received your denial letter
  • If you were already receiving benefits
  • Information about your previous job duties
  • The injuries or that illnesses prevent you from working

After we have reviewed your contact form, we will call or email you about your claim and give you instructions on how to submit your denial letter for review.

Complete BenGlassLaw’s Contact Form

Our Attorneys are Directly Notified When a Contact Form is Complete. We Respond to Urgent Inquiries, but if You Need to Speak to an Attorney Sooner, We Recommend That You Call (703) 584-7277.

Option 3: Learn More About ERISA Disability Claims and What You Can Do if Your Claim has been Denied by Downloading Don’t Try this at Home: A Guide to Your Disability Insurance Appeal

If your claim for long-term disability benefits has been denied, you need to download this free guide right now. In most cases, you have only 180 days within which to file a properly framed appeal. A respected federal judge has said that when you have one of these policies, you are purchasing an invitation to a "legal ritual" that you will lose.

We want to get our guide in your hands right now. You will also have an opportunity to request our disability claim information package after you request this guide.

In this guide, you will learn about the long-term disability claim and appeal process. We’ve packed Don’t Try this at Home with a ton of useful information including…

  • Common types of disability claims that the insurance companies regularly deny (page 2)
  • Why the insurance company denies claims even when the doctor says you are disabled (page 4)
  • What you need to know if you are forced into litigation (page 5)
  • 5 things you need to know about ERISA law and how it will affect your claim (page 6)
  • What evidence you need to prove the insurance company was unreasonable in denying your claim (page 6)
  • How the insurance company can deny and delay your benefits without repercussions (page 7)
  • Why a federal judge said ERISA long-term disability law is “beyond redemption” (page 8)

One of our core values is to empower through education. We created this book because we wanted everyone who is struggling with the insurance company to have the information they need to proceed with confidence.

All this information is absolutely free to anyone who is preparing to file a long-term disability claim OR if you have already been denied.

Download Don’t Try this at Home!

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