Believe it or not, most car accident claims can be successfully settled without an attorney.

However, many attorneys are all-to-happy to take your case and take a third of your settlement when the case in through. Hiring an attorney may save you time, but simply having an attorney won’t always add value to your settlement.

That’s why BenGlassLaw created GetItSettled University. We want to equip everyone who has been in a car accident with the tools to help them successfully negotiate their settlement with the insurance company.

GetItSettled University is available to watch 24/7. Register TODAY to learn how you can settle your car accident claims without an attorney!

In this FREE webinar, Brian Glass interviews ex-insurance adjuster, Joe Mann, discuss what Virginia car accident victims need to know as they are negotiating with the insurance company. GetItSettled University is packed with information you need to know before you talk to the adjuster, sign any forms, or hire an attorney.

Who Should Watch GetItSettled University?

GetItSettled University is Personal Injury Law 101. We organized the information in this webinar to guide car accident victims through the process of negotiating and settling your claim WITHOUT bogging your brain down with technical legal information.

We created GetItSettled University for Virginians dealing with small car accident claims. If any of these statements are true, most likely you can settle your claim yourself with the information in this FREE webinar:

  • If your injuries were minor, meaning your injuries were limited to “aches and pains” and required little to no medical follow-up.
  • If you were not injured but your car was damaged or totaled. We call these “property damage” claims, and many of those claims can be resolved without an attorney.
  • If the other driver was completely at-fault and his/her insurance company has assumed full responsibility.
  • If your car accident had a minimal impact on your life, meaning you only missed a few days of work (or less) and you were able to resume your normal life shortly after the incident.
  • If you know you are NOT going to hire an attorney for your case but need some guidance about the claims process.

Even if you are planning to hire an attorney, GetItSettled University will show you the “behind the scenes” process for car accident claims that you should know if you are dealing with the car insurance company.

All the Things You Will You Learn in GetItSettled University (Plus Much More!)

GetItSettled it an hour-long webinar filled with great information about car accidents that is “common knowledge” for personal injury attorneys, but details that the public may not know (but should!) including:

  • The four phrases you should never utter to the insurance adjuster (each one alone could destroy your car accident claim).
  • The “hidden” medical coverage on most policies that help car accident victims pay their medical bills without exhausting their savings accounts.
  • All the documents you should have and review before you even begin talking to the insurance adjusters.
  • All of the tactics the insurance adjusters use to rig the game against you and keep settlement payouts dirt cheap.
  • The forms you should NEVER sign for the insurance adjusters without a full review.
  • How to know when you are right to ask for more money.
  • Insider knowledge the insurance company won’t expect you to know – Stop the games the insurance adjuster may play dead in its tracks!
  • Everything you need to know about settling your own car accident claim in under an hour!
  • …Plus much more!

Frequently Asked Questions About GetItSettled University

It is unusual for personal injury attorneys to teach people how to settle cases themselves. At BenGlassLaw, we don’t believe in taking a new case unless we believe we can add value to our client’s settlement.

Because GetItSettled University is so unusual, we often have to answer questions about “why” we give out all this information for free. We’ve even been contacted by other attorneys who don’t believe we should do this webinar!

“Does GetItSettled University Work for Everyone Who Has Been in an Accident?”

Modern cars are MUCH safer than they used to be. As a result, there are fewer car accidents that result in major injuries.

However, just because cars are generally safer doesn’t mean all car accidents are “minor.”

In today’s landscape, mobile phones cause many accidents that “undo” the benefits of safer cars. As a result, there are still many accidents were the victim is severely injured… and that does not seem to be going away any time soon.

If your injuries resulted in a long hospital stay, months of physical therapy, or left you permanently disabled, then you should probably consult with or hire an attorney. Call BenGlassLaw at (703) 584-7277 for a Six-Point Assessment of Your Car Accident Claim.

“Will GetItSettled University Help Me if the Other Driver was Uninsured?”

Most don’t know that it is completely legal to drive in Virginia WITHOUT insurance. This means that at any moment, you could be injured by a driver who has no coverage and few personal assets.

When the other party has no insurance, you typically have to claim against your own policy. Underinsured motorist coverage is no-fault coverage and is designed to protect you against uninsured/underinsured drivers.

In GetItSettled University, we cover UIM coverage and how you can claim against your own insurance policy. PLUS other helpful hints for what you can do if the other driver doesn’t have enough coverage.

“Is GetItSettled University Really Free?”

YES! BenGlassLaw has hosted the GetItSettled University since 2016, and we’ve never charged anyone for the information within.

“When is GetItSettled University and How Do I Register?”

BenGlassLaw uses a special platform to host GetItSettled University. This enables us to make this special webinar available to anyone who needs it, 24/7. Within five minutes of registering, you will be able to watch the entire EXCLUSIVE webinar.

You can register by clicking the button below to register TODAY!

Brian Glass
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